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Cultivating the Slow-Herb Movement

It is hard to believe that more than twenty years have passed since the start of my ‘formal’ herbal training. While that training has merit that garners respect in some circles, I feel even moreblessed for the training I’ve received in the two decades of harvest seasons since then, spent on hands and knees, filling my baskets with jeweled blossoms and green treasures. Those seasons have added so much more depth and understanding to my ‘formal’ education. Is it appropriate to label two decades of experience as ‘informal’ education? Makes no matter. I'll call it slow-herb learning... because while meeting many exotic new green friends might be exciting, cherishing a small handful of familiar green ones is slow, nourishing food for the soul.

Starting an herbal education at the age of 35 made me long for the many years I spent without it.I was so hungry to make up for the lifetime of knowledge that I missed. I wanted to devour more, but enjoying the gifts of the natural world cannot be…

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